Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 11: 9th July – Ch 69&70

It seems that chapters 67-77 (the second layer of summaries) is a series making up a process which starts with the metaphysics of Ch 67 and culminates with the spreading of the dhikr in Ch 77. If we see it from this angle, Ch 69 and 70 would be components of this process.

Ch 69 brings up what has been sublimated for the last almost 15 chapters – stories of the former peoples. It uses these stories as part of explaining the process of the receiving of the message.

It begins by talking about ‘al-haqqah’ or the reality. This word comes from the word ‘haqq’ (truth) and shows truth manifesting. Reality manifests and therefore retributes against those who have transgressed. Vs 3 asks rhetorically what will make reality reach us, then diving straight into the stories.

Vs 4-12 speak about the former people who have transgressed and rejected the messengers. In doing so, they haeve invited the abovementioned reality to afflict them.

Vs 13-32 is about the final judgement. There are people who receive their kitab/record with their right hand and some with their left hand.

Vs 33-34 identifies the reason behind this failure. This person did not continuously place his trust in Allah and moreover, did not nourish the stagnant. This simple statement shows the centrality of this practice in islam.

Vs 38-48 speak about achieving the raw revelation. This revelation is not that of a seer nor a sorcerer but rather a descent from Allah. With this raw truth, if the honoured messenger were to forge other sayings in God’s name, he would be cut off from revelation completely.

Vs 51-52 calls this raw revelation ‘truth of certainty’. We are then told to work harmoniously to bring the reality of Allah (possibly al-haqqah mentioned in the beginning).

Ch 70 seems to be about a seeker who seeks punishment for those who have rejected truth and have chosen to practise a system of oppression (Vs 1). This punishment is inevitable from Allah. However, interestingly here Allah calls Himself ‘dhil ma3arij’ (owner of the ways of ascent – Vs 3)). The angels and the spirit ascend to Him (Vs 4). This is the opposite of Ch 97 in which the angels and spirit descend.

The Reader is then told to be patient for that day of distress will come.

Vs 19-22 speaks of al-insaan (the weaker aspect of man). He is created anxious. Impatient when bad touches him and when good touches him, he withholds it. Except for those who are focussed (on this day).

Vs 23-35 speaks of the system of salah (connectivity) which these people have. It lists down activities which enable al-insaan to transcend his condition. It is the second salah bracket (the first being 23/2-11).

The final part of the this chapter returns to those who have rejected this system and choose to live their lives aimlessly.


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