Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 12: 10th July – Ch 71&72

Ch 71 is the last chapter regarding the Quranic personality *nuh*. *nuh* is the personality of whom *ibrahim* (the personality of monotheism) is said to be part of his group (37/83). Existentially speaking, this means that before *ibrahim*’s process takes place comes the stage of *nuh*. His stage represents the primordial stage of human being – survival.

Ch 71 begins with the role of nuh as one who inspires pledge-taking. Even though he labours day and night to change the outlook of his peope, he is unable to do so. He tells them to seek divine protection. He will then send down ‘water’ from the sky. This chapter also reminds us about our creation in stages (Vs 14) and our growth from the earth (Vs 18). This chapter also mentions the five psychological forces which act as ‘gods’ for *nuh*’s people.

Finally, the flood comes and divine protection is invoked once again, this time in the form of the ark acting as a house (Vs 28).

Ch 72 is about the people of extraordinary capacity (jinn). They are the only ones who understand the Quran in its existential form (raw in meaning) as amazing. This is because the Quran fully utilises our human capacities. The jinn are then guided towards the maturation of human capacities (rushd).

Vs 8-9 tell us of jinn which sit in the heavens waitin. This could refer to jinn finding new discoveries and furthering human capacities.

Vs 14 says some of the jinn are muslimeen (workers of wholeness and soundness) and some of them are distributionists of their own volition (qaasitoon), meaning they distribute for themselves. They are not like the muqsitoon.

Vs 18 links this distributive power to the masjid which are dedicated to Allah (by establishing justice).

Vs 19-22 gives the philosophy of this system. It is the means of invoking Allah alone without any partners.
Vs 25-28 mentions the unseen. The Reader who may be off the jinn doesn’t know what will happen. Only Allah knows the unseen and he inspires messengers with such knowledge that they may know they have conveyed the messages of their lord. These messages are meant to develop us to the jinn level.

Ch 71 and 72 seem to work together to give us the philosophy of the system of peace. Ch 71 gives us the final story of *nuh* which formulates his struggle to acquire divine protection. Ch 72 on the other hand, talks about well developed individuals who establish the masjid.


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