Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 13: 11th July – Ch 73&74

Ch 73 and 74 is best read with Ch 72 in mind. Ch 72 talks about people with high capacities (jinn) and Ch 73 and 74 are strategies for us to achieve this state and thus establish systems of peace and justice for everyone.

Ch 73 is addressed to the ‘muzammil’, one who carries his responsibilities in life with perfect balance. It begins by talking about talking about night training (iqam al-layl – establishing the night). This is a variable length training and also involves reading with careful attention to attention which will lead to being thrown a heavy saying by Allah (Vs 2-5)

Vs 5-10 talks about using the night as a time to devote oneself to Allah and to establish what been delivered of the message and thereby to vivify Allah.

In doing so, Allah will render his help against those who oppress. Firaun is the only personality mentioned in this chapter. This chapter ends by again emphasising the training which one has to commit to in order to make peace happen.

Ch 74 is like Ch 73 in that it begins with a personality who is uniquely mentioned, the ‘mudaththir’ which refers to one who has kept his house in order (able to organise himself). He is given a set of instructions which interestingly, begins with the same ‘qum’ (establish – Vs 2). In establishing, he thus inspires change. Strategies of establishing is expounded until Vs 7.

After that, again Ch 74 follows suit of Ch 73 by talking about one who rejects and again, Allah says to leave those to him. Vs 25 tells us that this person considers this to be sayings of human beings. He will then undergo a process of saqar which changes him. This process of saqar is ‘huge’ and changes humanity (Vs 35-36). This process of saqar continues afterwards till the end of the chapter almost. Those who are unfocussed and do not nourish the stagnant are given it (Vs 43-48).

This chapter ends with 54-56 which mentions the means to vivification. Vs 56 uses a unique phrase about Allah (ahlul taqwa wa ahlul maghfirah – one connected to preservance and divine protection).


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