Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 14: 12th July – Ch 75&76&77

Ch 75 and 76 are very metaphysical oriented chapters which link these deep experiences to the engagement with revelation. They have a tremendous focus on the word ‘insaan’ (weaker aspect of human beings) which appears a total of nine times in both chapters.
Ch 75 begins with the period of establishment (al-yawm al-qiyamah). This cannot be separated from the self-blaming soul (an-nafs al-lawwamah). The establish of our souls must begin with introspection and finding our faults. This continues till we return to our source of light (the joining of the sun and moon Vs 9). There is no escape on this day.

Vs 16-19 tells us not to rush the raw revelation which comes to us. It is Allah who will bring it together and declare it when it is fully formed. It is for us to follow this declaration and for Allah to clarify it for us (or to make it known). Vs 20-21 is the opposite behaviour.

Vs 31-35 tells us about confirming and connecting (Tasdiq and salah). The person who rejects Vs 16-19 refuses this. Instead, he is arrogant. This is however, his test.

Vs 36-40 tells us of our human condition which is fragile. It is Allah who gives us the means to develop and thus gives us life.

Ch 76 begins straight away with the condition of the insan. He is not a thing to be mentioned until Allah saves him from that position and guides him (Vs 1-3).

Vs 5-6 speak of those whose continuous drink is kafoor (that which conceals or expiates). This is a drink which the immune (al-abrar) will enable to spring and gush forth.

Vs7-9 tells us how they achieved it, by fulfilling their pledges and nourishing the stagnant even above their own needs.

Vs 23-26 mentions our interaction with our current reading. To be patient for the decision of Allah and to seek the countenance of Allah. To submit to him during the night and to work harmoniously for Him.

Vs 27 like 75/20-21 above talk about the opposite behaviour. Those who love immediate gains.

Vs 30-31 tells us to will as Allah wills (which is to flow with the universal flow). Whoever does so will be admitted into a state of evolution by Allah.
Ch 77 aims to drive the message into us through repetition (much like Ch 55). Vs 1-6 introduces the chapter with the forces which make us meet dhikr (vivification).Vs 7-11 tells us the effect of this, to give the messengers the aid they invoked.

The verse which is repeated 10 times throughout is ‘woe that day to the deconfirmers’ which are people who do not confirm the signs of Allah. This verse is repeated in a number of scenarios which centralises this concept of takdheeb (deconfirming).

This chapter ends with Vs 48-50. Vs 48 speaks of bowing which implies obeying Allah. Vs 49 shows the very same refusal to the deconfirmers. Vs 50 is very interesting as it speaks about the hadith of the huwiyyah (Being in revelation) which inspires belief.


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