Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 15: 13th July – Ch 78&79&80

Ch 78 begins the third and final phase of Quran’s summaries. From this point on, chapters are even shorter in terms of number of verses as well as number of words in verses.

Ch 78 Vs 1-5 is about what human beings constantly interrogate each other, which is the great news. This refers to the best system they can produce in life. However, they will soon come to know (implying that this comes in this life itself)

Vs 6-16 speaks about various signs we look at in order to find this great news (or message). These signs can tell us the details of the system of the great news.

Vs 17 tells us of the day of elucidation, where everything will be put in their places. Things which we consider permanent and untouchable will become transient.

Vs 31 onwards tells us of those who were preservant against this fact. They will have their rewards.

Vs 37-40 continues to speak of the condition of the day. There will be no authority for discourse. The angels and the spirit will stand in rows. That day is considered day of truth and those who are unprepared, they would wish to be dust.


Ch 79 is the twin of Ch 78 and approaches this point from another angle. It starts out with universal forces which rip out with force, with draw from with ease, with swim glidingly, race intensely and administer affairs. This could refer to universal forces or to the force of good (Vs 1-5)

It then moves on to the momentous period, much like ch 78. Up till Vs 14, it speaks of the conditions of the day. This seems to be a period of change as the next portion seems o suggest.

Vs 15-25 speaks of *musa* and *firaun* and summarises their encounter for the final time. The event of *musa* and *firaun* are connected to the aforementioned momentous period.

Vs 35 to the end speaks of signs of the coming day and the coming of the hour, which only Allah is authorised to make happen.
Ch 80 is a supplement about the themes of Ch 78 anf 79 as it talks about what the source of the message and how we can awaken to it. It is unique as it begins with the coming of the blind person to the Reader. The Reader is told to give him due attention as the ‘dhikr’ is a profit to whoever is in focus (Vs 1-10).

Vs 11-16 tells us of the dissemination of the message. The message is described as ‘hiya’ (feminine pronoun) as it is being carried forth and kept in purified pages and revered. This is the clear reading (36/69) which is being read in the world.

However, insaan (weaker aspect of man) is neutralised by his concealment of the message. He has forgotten the existential process from which he was created and to which he will go when death comes. This is the essence of the dhikr, to engage with our existentiality.

Finally, he is enjoined to look upon how his food was created. From the rain from the sky leading to fertilisation of plants to the nourishment man enjoys. This is something concealed by some people thus unable to understand the message.


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