Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 16: 14th July – Ch 81&82&83

As in the case with Ch 78 & 79 where Ch 80 acts as a supplement and formulates and solves the situations, Ch 81 & 82 may have the same relationship with Ch 83. Ch 81 & 82 , we see a very similar pattern and Ch 83 supplements the two.

Ch 81 has its first 14 verses expounding an emergency situation where things which seem permanent and unchanging start getting destroyed. These are times of immense social changes.

Vs 15 has Allah speaking in the first person, that He does not divide between that which retreats or the night which provides possibilities or the dawn when it manifests. This perhaps shows that these conditions all contribute towards human being.

Vs 19 gives a similar exposition as 69/40-47 which speak abou the huwiyyah revelation. This revelation is in powerful in the sight of possessor of the throne. Vs 22-23 which speaks of the messenger within that he saw revelation.

Vs 27-29 affirms the huwiyyah’s role, to act as a vivifier for the worlds. The vivifier puts us on an established position. However, we are to will as per the universal flow which is the will of the Lord.

Ch 82 begins with the same emergency situation as Ch 81. It again shows a period of social revolution.

Vs 5 has one of the rare calls to insaan (weaker aspect of man). He is asked what deluded him away from His Lord. Yet, he denies ad-deen (having a bond with his Lord).

Vs 15 to the end tells us of what happens to the fujjar (those who are disintegrated with regards to the struggle). They will be burned by the period of ad-deen. This period is a period of perfect justice where all matters return to Allah.

Ch 83 begins by condemning the muthaffifeen, those who extract benefits in full yet only give back less than what is due. Here we can see that their resurrection (as mub3athoon) and the tremendous day are in absolute form, showing a post earthly existence.

Vs 10 which speaks about those who do not keep the principle of being integrated (that is, being fujjar) are to be the deconfirmers (like in Ch 77). They deconfirm yawm ad-deen which means they stop working towards a time of perfect justice. It is worth noting here that they claim the signs of Allah are tales of the ancients. They do not believe in the living revelation.

There is also a unique description of the immune (al-abrar). In Vs 26, it is said that mutanafisoon actualise towards that state. Therefore, it is the nature of the soul (nafs) to actualise in the path of goodness and not of the muthaffifeen as mentioned in Vs 1. He must give what is due


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