Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 17: 15th July – Ch 84&85&86

Chapters 84, 85 and 86 seem to have the same format as the chapters immediately preceding them. Twin chapters (84 and 85) followed by a supplement which formulates and attacks the point from a different angle.

Ch 84 & 85 are the final chapters which contain the term ‘quran’. This shows that these chapters show the processes of Quran for the final time in the text.

Ch 84 begins with some natural metaphors of the skies and the earth. This time, their obligation to respond to their lord (Vs 1-5)

Vs 6 contains a rare call to the insan (weaker aspects of man). It tells him to keep labouring towards His Lord and so he will meet Him.

Vs 16-18 gives a series of natural metaphors which Allah does not divide. These states are essential in achieving what is mentioned next. These metaphors include the night and the moon which may suggest a period of ignorance with the following of a false source.

Vs 19 tells us that Allah will bring us from stage to stage. Vs 20 links this with continuous belief. Vs 21 tells us that the practices of the current reading of the Quran should invoke our belief to submit. This shows the processes connecting with Vs 1-5 above.

The final part of Ch 84 talks about believing in the current reading and acting to make its message fertile. Whoever does that will have unending reward.

Ch 85 starts off mention the skies then diving straight into the promised momentous period. It then mentions those who tried believing men and women (Vs 10). However, those who believed in the period and acted to reconcile it will have their just rewards (Vs 11).

It then speaks about the attributes of Allah who is intense in revenge (Vs 12). A few rarely used names are mentioned. He originates and repeats (Vs 13). He is protecting and attaching (Vs 14) and owner of the founded throne (Vs 15).

Stories of the ‘soldiers’ are mentioned. Firaun and thamood which shows that they are related to the early descriptions of this chapter. Allah however encompassed them.

It is at this point that it is a founded Quran in a protected tablet (21-22). This shows the potential of Quran to counter oppression.

Ch 86 also begins with the skies and mentions ‘ath-thaariq’ or the one which blazes a path. This is a star blazing. This refers to the soul which finds its destiny.

Vs 6 onwards refers to the insan which is created from a fluid. Yet from this nothingness, he comes to blaze his own destiny.

Vs 13 talks about the raw revelation which is called a decisive statement. Even though some people are planning against its implementation, Allah is planning against them.


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