Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 18: 16th July – Ch 87&88&89

This is the fourth set of triplet chapters in the final juz. Ch 87 and 88 are closest to each other in terms of contents with Ch 89 supplementing the ideas.

Ch 87 begins with the tasbeeh (working harmoniously with the universe), the first chapter to do since the tasbeeh block before. It is also the last chapter to do so. It then continues to speak about Allah’s creative capacities.

Vs 6 talks about the imminent declaration of the Reader (sanuqrika) so that he does not forget Allah’s blessings upon him. This is except if Allah wills. This declaration of the Reader is equivalent to an easing of his life (as long as he obeys the earlier part of the chapter’s process)

Vs 9-10 talks about the fertilisation (of Allah’s names) if it were to benefit. Those who focus will be fertilisable.

Vs 15 again mentions the fertilisation of Allah’s names.. But people prefer nearer gains even though what is to come is better and more long lasting. However, the foremost have this principle in their pages. So do the pages of ibrahim and musa in the Quran.

Ch 88 opens by talking about the overwhelming event. This event refers to what happens when the fertilisation of Allah’s names happens. Vs 2-7 speaks about those who failed to adhere to universal principles of good. They will be labouring hard on the day.

Vs 8-16 speak about those who will be in bliss in that period as they have already sent forth good deeds before hand. This could refer to an earthly period as well.

Vs 18-20 speak about the wonders of creation which help us understand the mechanics of this period. This once again shows natural metaphors in Quranic thought.

Vs 21-22 returns the chapter to the idea of vivification (dhikr) which is also present in Ch 87 above. The Reader is told to dhakkir (fertilise) with ideas and the system. He is a mudhakkir but not one who presses them (musaytir).

Ch 89 begins with the dawn (fajr, something breaking forth). This dawn links back to the basmalah (Vs Zero) and speaks of the twin names of Allah (Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem) breaking out. It breaks forth from a mixed period of nights. Whether one has intercession or is alone. Vs 5 interestingly points out that is a portion for those of stone (referring to their hearts, perhaps)

Vs 6 onwards speaks of the former people of the ‘ad, thamood and the people of firaun. This is the last time firaun is mentioned.

Vs 13-16 speaks of Allah ever watching us. Insaan is being tested with both the good and the bad.

Vs 17-20 are the principles which make or break societies (like the ones mentioned from Vs 6). They do not honour those who are solitary. Or nourish the stagnant. Rather they keep consuming and loving their wealth. This seems to be a solution for the social ills described above.

Vs 27-30 is the final time the conditionn of the soul is mentioned. It is in a state of satisfaction. Allah then calls it to Him and to be in His Garden among His Servants. All of these terms are in the personal first person showing a deep intimacy with Allah.


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