Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 19: 17th July – Ch 90&91

Ch 90 seems to be the preface between three chapters which hover around the same theme of natural metaphors which are chapters 91, 92 and 93. Ch 90 does not have these but rather focuses on insan and his economic liberation. This liberation is tied in with his ethics.

This chapter begins with Allah declaring that He did not make divisions in the entire earth. We are free people on this earth (in the ideal condition). We are to be parents to one another. However, by ignoring this, insaan has placed himself in great difficulty (Vs 4)

He has a negative outlook by thinking none shall overpower him. This is due to his excessive wealth. However Allah has given him faculties. However, he has not achieved the ultimate outcome (al-3aqabah). This is done by freeing slaves, feeding in time of hunger for the solitary and the stagnant. This leads to being companions of the right.

The opposite of these people are the companions of he left. They conceal the signs of Allah and upon is the enclosing fire.

Ch 91 begins a series of 3 chapters (91-93) which use a great deal of natural metaphors to explain its ideas. Vs 1-6 does this using the sun, moon, skies, earth, night and day.

Vs 7-10 is about the soul. The soul and its perfection in shape, its integrity and disintegrity. How it attains success and ends up being buried. This must be linked to the natural metaphors above to see that the dynamics are essentially the same.

Vs 11-15 speak about the thamood people for the final time. These people reject their messenger when he told them of the she camel (symbol for the national growth) and its need to water. They paid the price for this.


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