Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 20: 18th July – Ch 92&93

These two chapters have very similar themes. The both start with natural metaphors like several chapters in the summary part of Quran.

Ch 92 continues after these natural references by talking about the diversity of our runnings. However, whoever gives and is preservant and confirms with the good, Allah will make it easy for him. However, for those who are stingy and deconfirm with the good, he will have a life of hardship.

The key is to give wealth in order to achieve growth (zakah) and to see the expression of His Lord. Whoever does this will achieve good pleasure.

Ch 93 focuses more on the Reader than Ch 92. The reader is told that the period to come after will be better for him than the early period. His Lord will give him and he will be in good pleasure. Reminders are given – His Lord found him solitary and sheltered him. He found him in want and fulfilled his needs.

To make this situation, The Reader must himself treat the solitary well and not oppress them. Whoever asks of him but not be ignored. In other words, the bounty of his lord must be constantly renewed.


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