Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 21: 19th July – Ch 94&95

Ch 94 comes after the final chapter focussing on natural metaphors (Ch 91-93). In this chapter, Allah speaks to the Reader, about his projection in the world (sadrak). Allah removes the burden from his backs (after he has strived). Allah raises him to a point of vivification.

How did this happen? With difficulty that he has faced and overcome. He is then to establish something meaningful while keeping His Lord in mind.

Ch 95 Vs 1-3: God mentions at-teen (full and ripeness), az-zaitoon (a symbol of relish and vitality), toor (a state of flight and destiny) and sineen (well-formedness). This are the states which make the entirely land ‘ameen’.

The chapter then moves on to the state of the insan, the weaker aspect of man. Although he is created in the best mold, he is reduced to the lowest of the low. Except for those believed in the principle of Vs 1-3 and act to make it happen. This is the best judgement.


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