Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 22: 20th July – Ch 96&97

Ch 96 begins with the condition of the insaan. He is in a precarious position (3alaq – hanging like a clot). In order to transcend this position, he is to do ‘iqra’ (to bring things together and produce meaning). In doing so, he will come understand His Lord as the most noble who will teach him this meaning by writing upon his life.

However, the insaan transgress as he thinks he is self-sufficient. He forgets that to Allah is his return. The Reader is now addressed, has he seen one who forbids a servant who is building connections. This person who forbids is a deconfirmer and one two turns away (opposite of saddaqa and salla as per 75/31-32). This is person is promised hell and the Reader is told to rather submit and do close to Allah (using the methods described above)

Ch 97 seems to be the cure for this precarious position. There is a descent of the huwiyyah (Allah’s Being). This comes during a period where there is no light but has potential. This potential has great benefit. During this time, the angels and the spirit to tend to every matter. In doing so, they bring peace, breaking a dawn but faltering when the dawn has passed.


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