Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 23: 21th July – Ch 98&99

After the descent of salaam or peace in Ch 97, Ch 98 picks up on that process by speaking about its catalyst in bringing that state by the bringing of the clarification towards the state of Rahmaan and Raheem (al-bayyinah). This comes in the form of the messenger from Allah (not messenger of Allah) who practices from the purified pages constaining establishing messages.

The basic philosophy of these messages is to serve Allah with a view to purifying one’s relationship to be solely for Him. To establish connections and to bring about growth to this effect. That is what will bring about a state of establishment.

Those who have believed in this principle and acted to fertilise their reality for it are the best of creatures and their reward from their Lord is the ideal gardens. This is for those who have focussed on their Lord.

Ch 99 could be either about judgement day or about a revolutionary period in this life. It is a time when the earth (representing our social reality) is shaking and will realise its news (meaning its public opinion will manifest). The people will be trooped out to see their deeds.


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