Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 24: 22th July – Ch 100&101&102

Ch 100 describes the ideal condition of the jinn, the highly potent folks. These folks are in a mode of high energy such as when they run, they create sparks. They then introduce changes penetrating right in the middle. However, the insaan, due to their weakness for wealth, fail to reach this high level of energy. He fails to realise that his end is death so his wealth will not benefit him. However, his projection would then show his propensity.

Ch 101 engages with our sense of integrity. It focuses on disintegration in which eve mountains will be like carded wool. However, those whose weights are heavy will be pleased. For those whose weighs are light will have a terrible refuge, a lustful fire.

Ch 102 is about the diversion of stockpiling of wealth. However, to overcome this, we should visit the graves. That will give us the knowledge of certainty. These come in many levels. We will eventually understand hellfire and the fountain of certainty. Then comes judgement day where we will be questioned for the bounties we enjoyed.


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