Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 25: 23th July – Ch 103&104&105

Ch 103 is the last occurrence of the word ‘amanoo’ (he believed). It could be seen as the formulation of the whole system of belief in Quran. This is also the last occurrence of the word ‘insaan’ (weaker aspects of man). This word occurred a lot in the 3-level summaries. This chapter brings together insaan and imaan by telling insaan that he is constantly at a loss by the squeezing of man. This loss is expedited by believing in this fact and acting to make right the situation. He is to also exhort each other with truth and with endurance.

Ch 104 starts off with woe-ing to every scorners and mockers. Those people pile up wealth and prepare it (for more wealth). They feel as if they would last forever. Rather, he will be thrown into the fire of Allah which is fuelled. This fire rises up and takes over the mind. It will close up upon them in columns. This probably refers to the state of mind the lovers of wealth experience.

Ch 105 speaks uniquely mentions the companions of the elephant. This symbolically refer to unstoppable forces which crush those under them. Allah will place their plans astray. He will send upon him skilful people who are in charge of their destinies. These will throw upon them stones and they will be consumed. This is the formula for implementing justice for humanity.

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