Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 26: 24th July – Ch 106&107

Ch 106 speaks of the unity of those who are acquiring gains (in an economic sense). Their unity depends on movement (rihlah – literally caravations) which must carry on in extreme seasons. By working towards this unity, these are thus serving the lord of this house (referring to the whole earth). Also in doing this, he will nourish them from hunger and secure them from fear. This chapter is again framing the economic strategy of human beings.

Ch 107 speaks of those who deconfirm with respect to the deen which will bring about Allah’s system of sustenance. They are those repulse the solitary and refuse to feed the poor. So woe to those with connections! Their connections totally miss the mark and are to be seen. In other words, they prevent the means necessary to sustain society.

About Farouk A. Peru
I am a human being in the world, blogging my existence. My thought systems may be found in my website: www.farouk.name

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