Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 28: 26th July – Ch 110&111

Ch 110 shows the victory which is achieved by following God’s programme. This programme is establishing social justice and peace. When one embarks on this programme, the help of Allah comes and the opening of his doors of mercy. We will then see people entering the programme in droves. In order to achieve this, we must engage in tasbeeh (see the tasbeeh block) with praise and seek divine protection. Allah’s essence is to facilitate this.

Ch 111 shows the fall after the victory. This fall comes with the personality of abu lahab, symbolising our constant harnessing of the flame of lust. His wealth is not avail him, rather he will be burned by his lust. His ‘wife’ (symbolising the rest of his being) carries the firewood to stoke this flame which shows our bodies feeding this lust. Around ‘her’ neck is a rope showing that she is slave to these habits of lust feeding.

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