Parwez’s Understanding of the Servants of Ar-Rahmaan

25:62 He is the One who designed the night and the day to alternate: a sufficient proof for those who wish to take heed, or to be appreciative.,

25:63 The servants of the Gracious who walk on the earth in humility and if the ignorant speak to them, they say, “Peace.”

25:64 and who remember their Sustainer far into the night, prostrating themselves and standing;

25:65 and who pray: O our Sustainer, avert from us the suffering of hell – for, verily, the suffering caused by it is bound to be a torment dire:

25:66 verily, how evil an abode and a station!
62. And that God has made arrangements in the outer universe that night and day succeed each other, and that light continues to follow darkness. (Similarly, in the human world, He has made arrangements that no nation would remain in darkness forever and that the light of Wahi should reach everyone.) Whoever wants to follow the right path in the light of Wahi should be able to do so and thus receive full reward for his efforts and deeds.

63. When those who accede to obeying Ar-Rehman are empowered on this earth, their state does not become a symbol of oppression and exploitation. They even walk gently and live in harmony and peace. And they also provide peace and tranquility to other people (3:138; 31:17-18; 22:41).They do so to the extent that even when they come across people who personify the characteristics of Jahlia (pre-Islamic era) such as ignorance, bigotry, enmity, fierceness, wickedness, excitability, in return they show them true Islamic qualities (of peace, open heartedness, leniency and generosity).

64.These are the people who after a long day at work and in the late hours of the night, ponder in solitude about where they should bow in submission and when to partake in the establishment of the Divine Order (3:19; 73:24-26).

65.Their only wish in this entire struggle is that they should be safe from the chastisement which, in an unjust system, follows every human being who has gone astray.

66.As an abode and station, whether some one stays there for a short while or permanently, it is a wretched place; (for a short while in this world and forever in the world hereafter).


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