Commands to ‘Say’ in The Quran

A third of the Qur’an is “qul” “say” Allah telling Muhammad specifically what to say . Then there is MORE of the Qur’an telling him what to do and saying what he did. Then there are over 300 occurrences in the Qur’an of Allah addressing the opposers/enemies/rejecters/ungrateful/kaffars .. quoting what they say and what they do and what Muhammad and the believers should say and do with ALL variations of “non Muslims” and in ALL different circumstances that we will encounter with them.

How is it possible that a people who actually claim to believe in Allah, His messengers, and the Message are saying “those who take the quran alone as the guide and law of Allah are kaffireen who reject Rasulullah”? I assure you, that which Allah wanted to make known to us about Muhammad and much more importantly, what He wanted to make know to us about EVERYTHING in terms of law and guidance is in the quran, as our Rab and His Rasul have already clearly stated in the Qur’an. Believe it or not , you don’t have to sort through books thst contain part truth and part lies and blasphemous tales in order to obey Allah and the Messenger, you have to go to what was revealed unto him, the book which hypocrites BEGGED him to changed and he triumphantly refused for fear of returning to misguidance. At times he was even anxious wanting a verse to come down and Allah reminded him to be patient and that Allah sends it down when He pleases. The Qur’an, that which muhammad obeyed and dedicated his life to spreading it. This is the only thing that Muhammad testifies to warning the people with in the Qur’an. We certainly have sufficient accounts of what the Rasul followed and how to follow him in the Qur’an.

Furthermore there are manners, rights, laws and punishments, knowledge of the life of this world and the after, sufficient warnings and parables, and the accuracte and sufficient accounts of the prophets and messengers of Allah that He chose to reveal to us.


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