Moses’ People and The Cow

by Abdul Rahman Al-Afasy


More people is becoming more familiar with this particular hadith/narration BY ALLAH. It is a good sign that more people started to understand the Quran and not just sing it.

This narration/parables/hadith FROM ALLAH is a two edged sword-

(i) it attacks the minds of people who thinks hadiths details the Quran.

God’s commands are simple and straight forward. He asks us to do things only to test our obedience to Him, and of course to have a peaceful living community. Nothing else. He did not set a particular detail because HE DOESNT REQUIRE IT.

(ii) it also attacks those who seek to redefine a well known word such as solat, zakat, fasting, Hajj, etc.

In that narration, God did not have to define what a cow is. Everybody is well aware of what a cow is. Same with solat. At the time of revelation, everybody knows what solat is – an act of remembering Him. He did not specify solat ways because like a cow, there are many variations to it, and God DO NOT REQUIRE A SPECIFIC WAY.

The Quran is wonderful in that way- that it attacks not only the disbeliever, but also attacks the believer, to ensure they are always pondering about it thereby following it the best they can.

These are my personal opinion and you may disagree. Salamun alaikum.


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