Quranaissance on Depictions on the Prophet

by Dr Fawad Ahmad, please ‘like’ his blog here.

Cultural taboos prevent Muslims from creating religious imagery. The Quran does not forbid any art form such as sculpting, painting, etc. Diverse Muslim civilizations had even depicted Prophet Muhammad (S) and other holy figures in every art form imaginable for over a millennium. Over the past two centuries, the puritanical strain of Islam, Wahhabism seized the religious narrative and has all but obliterated an otherwise rich Islamic Art tradition. The negative influence of Wahhabism has been such that even many “moderate” Muslims avoid much of the Arts or live with a “guilt trip”, and virtually all shun religious depictions.

7:32 Say, “Who has forbidden the beauty and nice things God has brought forth for His servants, and the pure clean things of your choice?”

As to the depiction of religious figures, there is one restriction in the Quran that could be applied, and ironically enough, it is against blaspheming others’ religions:

6:108: “O Believers! Insult not the idols they set up besides God…”

By not allowing images of the Prophet (S) in story books, cartoons, and movies, have we not damaged our ability to communicate Islam to non-Muslims and our children? Also, just imagine the different storyline if Muslims had responded with their own positive cartoons against Charlie Hebdo! visit http://www.facebook.com/quranaissance to share…

(pictured: 17th century Turkish depiction of Prophet Muhammad (S))


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