What is Prudence (Taqwa)?

by Rai Mahmood Akhtar,

We should listen to the words of prudence and take heed of her consuls and store and preserve them in our Qulb. Universal are her maxims derived from the words of Allah the creator of the universe from nothing. All virtues lean upon prudence; she is the mistress of human life.
Put a halter before your tongue and earlier before the move of your hands. Set a guard to your lips and deploy police before the trafficking of your hands so, what you speak and write may not destroy your “self “.
Do not scoff at the lame, take care that you halt not yourself. Whosoever speak the failing of another expect his own, adding bitterness of his /her own heart. Be not a chatter box and don’t write without confirmation, definitely safety is in silence.
Babbling of a talkative person injure the ears and torrent of his words overwhelmed conversation, he become nuisance to society.
Self-praising bring contempt to yourself. Never ridicule others, it is dangerous. Bitter jest is poisonous to friendship; don’t you like to expand your acquaintances and close friends? One who cannot restrain his tongue always invite trouble to himself.
Furnish proper comfortable accommodation to your condition and affordability, extravagancy is a road to disaster. Certainly sneaky whisper of Shaitan lead you toward this way. In rich couches always reside restless hearts; contended souls mostly dwell in the moderately furnished house.
Let not your recreation be expensive, lest your extensive purchases swallow the pleasure you have expected.
Let not the prosperity intoxicate you to put out eyes of circumspection. Be on your toes, always abundance extend greed so, cut off hands of frugality. Don’t indulge in superfluities of life.
Always learn wisdom from the experience of other and correct your own faults from other’s failings.
Whenever you come across a proved honest person lock his/her up in your breast as treasure. You find a jewel of inestimable price, guard him/her.
Save yourself from the favour of religious persons, they confound truth with falsity knowingly, feeling no scar on their conscience, it’s a snare, please never quit your journey to the straight and balanced path.
Don’t expect infallible success from prudence as the day know not what the night bring forth, not a fool always enchained by fortune nor a wise man always successful. Winner are those who trust in Allah, follow unalterable laws and permanent human values set by their creator and move forward persistently on the right direction without fearing as the hope motivate them to accomplishing their ultimate goal. Certainly wisdom and prudence differentiate us from the rest of this universe.

About Farouk A. Peru
I am a human being in the world, blogging my existence. My thought systems may be found in my website: www.farouk.name

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