The Black Stone Corruption

Something must have happened after the death of prophet Muhammad.

It seems that a combination of factors have led to the hijacking and corruption of Islam from within.

The Black Stone

The ‘Black stone’

All throughout the Qur’an, God commands us to stay away from stone and altars, yet during the visit to the Ka’bah, and at one of its corners, Muslims from all over the world push and shove their way ferociously to get to what is called ‘the Black Stone,’ in order to touch it and kiss it, believing that the stone has the power to heal them, save them or bless them.

If this is not idolatry, I do not know what is.

Not surprisingly, this ritual has no sustenance in the Qur’an whatsoever, but originates instead from a corrupt ‘hadith’ stating that this stone was descended from heaven since the time of prophet Ibrahim, and that it is thus sacred, and that the prophet used to kiss it.


One is left wondering:
Have they not read the Qur’an?

Allah informs us through His Words in the Qur’an, that prophet Ibrahim destroyed all the stone (idols) that his people were worshipping and said:

Qur’an 21:66
Do you then worship besides Allah what does not benefit you in any way nor harm you?”

How could anyone in their proper sense of mind accept a dubious saying that is in total violation of the Qur’an?

How could anyone believe that the prophet could have ever kissed, and thus idolised a stone that has no power to “benefit” or “harm” anybody?

But that is not all, some flagrant hadith claim that the black stone will come to life on Judgement day and then develop two eyes and a tongue and will testify in favour of those who touched it in sincerity!

Ibn Abbas narrated that:
The Messenger of Allah said about the (Black) Stone: “By Allah! Allah will raise it on the Day of Resurrection with two eyes by which it sees and a tongue that it speaks with, testifying to whoever touched it in truth.

Grade: Hasan (Darussalam)
Reference: Jami` at-Tirmidhi 961
In-book reference: Book 9, Hadith 155
English translation: Vol. 2, Book 4, Hadith 961

Source Link:

This is absolutely ridiculous. Tirmidhi has blatantly lied against Allah and prophet Muhammad. The prophet certainly did not say such filth.

The filthy people who had attributed such a disgusting lie to the prophet, even had the nerve to classify it as ‘hasan’ (safe).

Needless to say, there is no mention whatsoever in the Qur’an about a blessed stone that has descended from heaven, nor that we should touch a stone in sincerity or that a stone can actually erase people’s sins. If these millions of misguided so-called Muslims would only believe the Qur’an, they would know that stones don’t have any power to harm us or benefit us

Do you then worship beside God what does not benefit you in any way nor harm you?21:66).

It is also a sad sight today at the Ka’baa to see hundreds of people adhering their bodies to the walls of the Ka’baa, thinking that the walls of the Ka’baa will bless them. Again, I shake my head in utter shame at the stupidity of such an act.
The scenes at the location of the ‘black stone’ are abhorrent.

In front of the ‘black stone’ there is a line drawn on the ground. This line is intended as a marker from which people could keep count of each lap they have completed.

However, it is indeed a truly sad sight to see the people raising their hands in awe in the direction of the ‘black stone’ every time they passed the line!

Some were even praying on the line itself in total awe of the ‘black stone’!

Once again, have they not read the Quran?

Qur’an 5:76
Say ‘Do you worship beside God what does not posses any harm, nor benefit for you?”

Allah has revealed:

Qur’an 10:18

And they worship besides Allah things that hurt them not, nor profit them, and they say: “These are our intercessors with Allah.” Say: “Do you inform Allah of that which He knows not in the heavens and on the earth?” Glorified and Exalted be He above all that which they associate as partners with Him!

Dan mereka menyembah yang lain dari Allah, sesuatu yang tidak dapat mendatangkan mudarat kepada mereka dan tidak dapat mendatangkan manfaat kepada mereka dan mereka pula berkata: “Mereka (yang kami sembah itu) ialah pemberi-pemberi syafaat kepada kami di sisi Allah”. Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): “Adakah kamu hendak memberitahu kepada Allah akan apa yang Ia tidak mengetahui adanya di langit dan di bumi (padahal Allah mengetahui segala-galanya)? Maha Suci Allah dan tertinggi keadaanNya dari apa yang mereka sekutukan.”

It is absolutely clear without a doubt then, that these filthy beasts that concocted this fairytale of a hadith, concerning the Black Stone coming alive on the Day of Resurrection, is trying to say to Allah that:
They know what Allah does not and they are informing Allah about the Black Stone, things that which He Himself has no idea, and has never even stated it Himself in the Qur’an!

Those filthy, lying animals!

The following are some of the outrageous hadith which form the basis for such an idolatrous ritual:

1. “Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The Black Stone came down from Jannah (Paradise).”

(At-Tirmidhi, Sunan, hadith no. 877, and classified as authentic hadith by Sheikh Al-Albaani in his book Sahih At-Tirmidthi, hadith no. 695 )

2. “Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “When the Black Stone came down from Paradise, it was whiter than milk, but the sins of the sons of Adam made it black.”

(At-Tirmidhi, Sunan)

3. “Ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) related that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “By Allah, Allah will bring it forth on the Day of Judgment, and it will have two eyes with which it will see and a tongue with which it will speak, and it will testify in favor of those who touched it in sincerity.”

(At-Tirmidhi, Sunan)

4. “Ibn `Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) quoted the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as saying: “Touching them both [the Black Stone and Ar-Rukn Al-Yamani] is an expiation for one’s sins.”

(At-Tirmidhi, Sunan, hadith no. 959. This hadith is classified as hasan by At-Tirmidhi and as Sahih by Al-Hakim (1/664), and Adh-Dhahabi agreed with him.)

5- “Narrated ‘Abis bin Rabia: ‘Umar came near the Black Stone and kissed it and said “No doubt, I know that you are a stone and can neither benefit anyone nor harm anyone. Had I not seen Allah’s Apostle kissing you I would not have kissed you.”

Sahih Bukhari 2:26:667, also Sahih Bukhari 2:26:657 and Sahih Muslim 7:2912-2915

I want you to turn your attention to the supposed claim made by Ibn Umar.

These filthy, lying Zoroastrians Persian Imaams of the aHadith, has attributed this hadith to Ibn Umar which says that:

“Narrated ‘Abis bin Rabia: ‘Umar came near the Black Stone and kissed it and said “No doubt, I know that you are a stone and can neither benefit anyone nor harm anyone. Had I not seen Allah’s Apostle kissing you, I would not have kissed you.”

Sahih Bukhari 2:26:667, also Sahih Bukhari 2:26:657 and Sahih Muslim 7:2912-2915

First of all, Allah would never contradict His own Words.

Allah has revealed many times in different verses:

Qur’an 5:92
Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and beware (of evil): if ye do turn back, know ye that it is Our Messenger’s duty to proclaim (the Message – Qur’an) in the clearest manner.

You shall obey only Allah and the Messenger.

Qur’an 24:54
Say: “Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger: but if ye turn away, he is only responsible for the duty placed on him and ye for that placed on you. If ye obey him, ye shall be on right guidance.

You shall obey only Allah and the Messenger.

Qur’an 4:13
And whoever obeys Allâh and His Messenger, Allâh shall admit him in the Gardens underneath which rivers flow.

You shall obey only Allah and the Messenger.

Qur’an 33:71
And whoever obeys Allâh and His Messenger, he has won a great success.

You shall obey only Allah and the Messenger.

If you still don’t get about what I am trying to stress here, it is this:
With regards to the religion of Islam, you shall obey ONLY Allah and the Messenger, and NO OTHER, NOT EVEN IBN UMAR.

The anti-Qur’an camp believe in this concocted Hadith so much that they have forgotten to ask themselves this:

Suppose you say that this Hadith is real, and Ibn Umar did indeed saw the prophet kissed the stone (I do not believe in the hadiths, remember that), did the prophet GAVE ANY CLEAR INSTRUCTION to Ibn Umar to do AS HE DID?

Ibn Umar only did based on what he SAW, and not on what the prophet had COMMANDED him to do.

Islam is not a religion that is based on ASSUMPTIONS.

If Ibn Umar was not clear whether he should kiss the stone, he should have asked the prophet DIRECTLY himself, instead of ASSUMING that, that is exactly what the prophet had wanted Ibn Umar to do in the first place!

But don’t worry. I believe that Ibn Umar was an intelligent man, unlike most of the 1.2 Billion so-called Muslims that can’t seem to think for themselves. As you would have known by now, I do not believe in any other Hadith other than the uncorruptible Hadith of Allah (The Word of Allah, in the Qur’an).

And I also do not believe that Ibn Umar would say such a thing as this is a concocted Hadith, created to systematically destroy what was left of the original, pure Islam, over time, by the six Zoroastrians Persian Imaams of the books of aHadith.

Islam is based on clear, simple instructions that once we are exposed to it, tells us that there can be absolutely NO DOUBT whatsoever, and that we absolutely without question, must adhere to, and do.

There is absolutely nothing in this concocted hadith that seems to suggest that the prophet wanted Ibn Umar to kiss the Black Stone, too.


And remember this,

But the prophet has passed away.

So, we are left with only Allah, the Ever-Lasting, and the Qur’an.

Clear Conclusion:
Most of the 1.2 Billion so-called Muslims that have performed the Hajj Pilgrimage, are actually meteorite worshippers, following a concocted and fabricated, man-made, fairytale hadith.

Sometimes, I have to wonder again:

Do anyone from the 1.2 Billion so-called Muslims of this world, actually read the Qur’an?

What is even more important is, do they actually understand what they read?

Purity of Faith’s Message

To all the Muslims (including myself), be Quran-Centric not Hadith-Centric.

* Quran is the revelation from Allah not Hadith’s

* Quran is protected by Allah from corruption not Hadith’s

* The word Muslim is not title to assign it our self, it is be in state of Submission to our maker.

* We cannot call someone/a group of people/other community as unbelievers or disbelievers, its not our business but its Allah’s business

*Our Job is to share the message of Quran not to force/insult other beliefs

*Quran is independent of Hadith’s and it explains itself, to say hadith’s explain quran and how to pray/how to perform Hajj is equivalent to saying Quran is incomplete revelation ( Read the Quran carefully it explains about these topics)

*Do not divide the Deen into sects its not Quranic

*Do not let sunni and shia scholars to make you hate one another and other beliefs ( Saudi funded scholars is making you believe that Shia’s are killing sunni’s and increasing the hatred and causing more mischief)

*The stoning to death punishment/Blasphemy Law/execution of homosexuals is not Quranic

*Question everything which comes from non-quranic sources in the light of Quran

*Be happy to call yourself Muslim, not sunni/shia/salafi/barelvi/Ahmadhiyya, these are not Quranic and against the words of Allah ( Read 6:159, there are many verses not just one)

*Focus on things which are clear not the things which are not clear. There will be differences among people we are not robots to be inclined to identical beliefs but the foundation of the belief is clear and there will also be differences among different faith’s because of various reasons for reasons known only to Allah (Read Quran 3:7, Quran 5:48 and Quran 2:213)

This is not Quranist/modernist/secular/liberal/moderate view of Islam, this is Quranic view of Islam and let the Quran, the words of ALLAH speak for itself.

Quran chapter : 96:1-14

[96:1] Read! With the Name of your Lord Who created.
[96:2] Created man from a clinging substance.
[96:3] Recite! For, your Lord is the Most Generous.
[96:4] Who has taught the use of the pen.
[96:5] Taught man that which he did not know.
[96:6] Nay! Indeed, man transgresses all bounds,
[96:7] Because he sees himself self-sufficient.
[96:8] Behold, unto your Lord is the return.
[96:9] Have you seen the one who forbids
[96:10] A servant when he prays?
[96:11] Have you seen if he is upon guidance
[96:12] Or enjoins righteousness?
[96:13] Do you see how he disbelieved and turned away?
[96:14] Does he not know that Allah watches (everything)?

Do not do the same mistakes that fellow people of book (Jews/Christians/others) did, Jews focused on Talmud (words of men/scholars/Rabbi’s) instead of the Torah ( Hebrew bible, the first 5 books) , Christians who followed the letters/gospels attributed to Jesus’s disciples and Apostles instead of the words of Jesus. Quran is free from man-made cultures/traditions which abuse human beings.

An Open Letter to Muslim Reformists

No, this isn’t your usual article about picking a side with or against terrorists. We’ve got enough of those. Nor do I wish to pen yet another article on western world versus eastern world. This is much deeper than that. It’s penned specifically for Muslims of the world who are already denouncing violence, who are already against oppression, murder, hate, and everything else that normal humans find repulsive. It’s for those who want to make a change, and are willing to make real sacrifices to achieve it.

Most of you are going to have a tough time reading what I write, but please give yourself the respect you deserve in at least reading something you may disagree with to the end before making your decision.

It’s time for hadith to go.
All of it.
Save nothing.
Remove them all.

I am well aware of your tendencies. Sunni , Shia, Ahmedi, all of you have your hadith. You think you need them, and that without them your Deen (loosely translated as religion, but really should be interpreted more as the system of life) is incomplete without them.

You are wrong.
Completely and utterly.
I’m not saying so.
Allah said so 1400 years ago.

The prophet and those around him listened, but those who followed didn’t, and this is why we are in the mess we are in today. You can’t blame the West, you can’t blame America, or Israel, or anyone else. They didn’t put you in the position you are in. God did. And He didn’t do it because he didn’t like us, we have done it with our own actions (or inactions) over centuries now.

For those Muslims who are wondering how can I propose such an action, I do so based on the following. Quran, after all, is supposed to be THE FINAL BOOK of Islam.

The Quran:
• Disapproves all hadiths apart from the Quran (39:18-23, 52:34, 4:87, 18:6, 77:50, 53:59);
• Predicts that Muslim polytheists would call their forged teachings hadith (7:185, 12:111; 31:6; 33:38; 35:43; 45:6; 52:34; 77:50);
• Distances itself from all man-made hadiths being needed or truthful (12:111);
• Instructs to keep distance from hadith pushers who would mock the Quranic messages and import corruption to Islam (6:68, 4:140);
• Predicts and warns about Imams of Hadith and hadithists, who would invest their time in unfounded hadiths and thus would import corruption in Islam, making mockery of the Quran (31:6);
• Challenges the idea that it needs hadith as a supplement (45:6-9, 26:222);
• Declares that minds polluted with hadiths would hardly understand the Quran (56:79-82);
• Discourages listening to hadiths (33:53) and criticizes their sharing, reporting and spreading (66:3); and
• Warns that hadiths would degrade the Muslims and split them up into sects (23:44-54, 34:19, 68:35-44, 7:182-194).

Think those through. Isn’t this EXACTLY the condition the Islamic World as a whole is finding itself in today?

God predicted and told us 1400+ years ago that people would spend their time stuck in hadiths. We have an ummah that is obsessed with hadith stories on how to cut your nails, how to wipe yourself after going to the bathroom, what to say when GOING to the bathroom, and then what to say when LEAVING the bathroom. This list goes on and on, and all of you can no doubt fill up this article with them.

Allah discourages the listening to hadiths and criticizes sharing them in 33:53 and 66:3, yet this is ALL we do. Muslims have put themselves into this plight.

God warns us that hadith will split us into sects, and indeed, there are thousands of sects spread around the world. This is all we have, to go along with disasters such Sunni’s killing Shia’s, while at the same time Sunni’s and Shia’s together killing and declaring Ahmedi’s non-muslims. We’ve even stooped so low in our Un-Quranic and Un-Islamic stance that Pakistan has a law declaring who is Muslim and who is not!

Hadith has caused us to stray so far from the straight path that in light of the worldwide violence, muslims are posting hadith as proof of what Allah has told us instead of Qu’ran!

We cannot continue down this path. As long as you hold onto man-made hadith, God will punish us ALL. This is the law of the Quran, and God’s law will never fail. While the rest of the world has moved on in science, technology, math, education, and human rights, we’ve let our uneducated mullahs drown us in the middle ages. We have no human rights, no science, no true education, and no dignity. Dignity is not forcing your women to cover their heads, dignity is respecting and protecting everyone, even if you don’t agree with them.

The root of all of this is the man-made hadith, each sect holding onto their hadiths, believing theirs are right, and everyone else is wrong. Each sect, rejoicing in what they have. Sound familiar? Let me remind you where you may have heard this before:

“Turn to Him alone then, and be mindful of Him, and establish the Divine System and be not of those who ascribe ‘partners’ to Him,
Those who split up their religion into sects with each sect delighting in whatever beliefs they have.”

Every sect, in the eyes of the Qu’ran, has abandoned it, instead using their hadith books as their religious guides. Each sect likes to happily push out their hadith as to what the prophet would predict would happen in the future. Yet, the one prediction that is guaranteed by Allah SWT nobody bothers to post.

25:30 The messenger said, “My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran.

Yes, I know it will be tough to do. Most of you have spent your life devoted in this way, and for many of you this will be an impossible task. This is why I prefaced this article as being for those who are actual reformist and are willing to sacrifice. The rest of you can stop reading now and go back to your weekly scheduled mullah programming.

The Quran instructs us to follow Quran ALONE. No other sources of religious law are accepted. And we are warned we will be the MINORITY:

Say, “Shall I seek for Judge and Ruler someone other than God? He is the One Who has revealed this Book, well expounded in detail for you.” Those whom We have given the Book know that this is revealed in truth from your Lord. Be not among those who argue for the sake of argument.
Perfected is the Word of your Lord in truth and justice. None can change His Words. He is the Profound Hearer, the Knower.
Now if you pay heed to, or get intimidated by majority of those who live on earth, they will lead you astray from God’s way. Most of the people follow nothing but conjecture and they only live by guesswork.

If we scrap the man-made hadith, and all turn to the Quran, we can find common ground. We can sort out our sectarian differences, and peacefully co-exist. We can also all be sure and safe that when the day comes, we can safely say to Allah we followed HIS BOOK, not the man-made books our previous generations believed in, since only one book was promised by Allah to be safeguarded.

We can learn that there is no compulsion in religion (2:256), and let others do as they choose. We can learn that there are multiple paths to God, not just ours. We can learn that the ultimate service to God is service to humanity, not to ourselves. We can go back to understanding that God tells us what the most everlasting actions are,such as:

18:46 Wealth and children are the joys of the life of this world. But good deeds that fulfill the needs of others, their fruit endures forever. Such actions are of far greater merit in the Sight of your Lord, and the best foundation of hope.


19:76 God increases in guidance, those who seek it and seek to live upright. The lasting good deeds that fulfill the needs of others, are eternally rewarded by your Lord, and are best for eventual returns and better for resort.

We can finally go back to actions to benefit humanity and ourselves at the same time.

If we do not pay heed to Allah, He will continue to punish us for openly straying outside his guidance. How many of you were aware of these verses before seeing them here? How many of you question the translations? More than would care to admit. That’s great, just remember, you should have been questioning hadith all along too, and you didn’t. So start now.

17:36 Do not reach conclusions about that of which you have no knowledge. Surely, the hearing, the sight and the faculty of reasoning – all of them – will be questioned.

32:9 He shapes him in accordance with what he is meant to be, and breathes into him of His Energy. And thus (O Mankind) He gives you the faculties of hearing, sight, reasoning and feelings. Yet, how seldom are you grateful by making the best use of your perceptual and conceptual faculties!
[Af’idah = Minds = Intellect = Faculty of reasoning including feelings]

Oppression, Blasphemy Laws, Death by Stoning, Temporary Marriage, Mindless rituals that distract you from doing good for humanity, all of these are from hadith, and NONE are from Quran. Of course, another hint from God that if they contain contradictions, they are NOT from Him can be found in 4:82.

We are a lost Ummah. But we have the beacon of light to reach for. Let’s reach it before it is too late.

45:11 This is a beacon. And for those who reject the revelations of their Lord, is a painful retribution.

Thank you, Jazak Allah,
A fellow Muslim.

The Concept Of New & Old & The Opposition Of The Masses

What to talk of the non-Muslims ,even most of the Muslims will not heed this message but vehemently oppose it.The objection will be that it is a new call –a new religion,even.The problem is that tey are subordinated to tradition & have followed it blindly for so long that their thinking faculties have been paralysed.To the present-day muslim,these traditions have been passed down over the centuries, so they must be right .Any attempt to introduce a new idea or practice or system is deemed prohibited in his religion .

Every innovation is deemed an attempt to corrupt religion & & lead its followers astray thus going to hell.And yet at one time the Muslim nation was known for its innovation .It was this characteristic that made it a living nation .It was an ever-evolving society ,taking on new ideas & making changes in accordance with the exigencies of the times..Now this same Muslim nation fears new ideas in the same way that a caged bird is afraid of open spaces.However the concept of NEW versus OLD is strange in itself .Whatever is unfamiliar & not widely accepted is considered “new” but once it is widely accepted (however quickly).,it is deemed OLD.At present the Quranic system of universal sustenance seems novel & unfamiliar & hence new.But let us consider numerous Quranic concepts which at the time of its revelation were completely novel to the world ,but which are now norm to the modern world .For one ,the idea that monarchy is inhumane ,whilst accepted in today’s world ,was wholly alien at that time,And the idea that we are equal at birth & division by caste & creed in unacceptable ,when introduced by the Quran ,was totally new .The idea that there was no need for a mediator between man & God was again totally new .So was the idea that nationalist or racial division is inhumane & humanity is actually one race subject to one & the same moral law .

These new ideas have become accepted by the whole world ,one at a time ,& now they are neither new nor unfamiliar to anyone,Muslims or not.Of course there are many Quranic concepts that remain new, unfamiliar & thus impractical & unacceptable .Among these “unacceptable” concepts in the Quran is the one that denounces the private ownership as the root of the societal chaos .According to the Quran a true society makes the universal sustenance of humanity its raison d’etre .Today this idea is deemed new & impractical ,so we presently fail to accept & adopt it .But once adopted ,this idea too will become accepted as the norm.