The Concept Of New & Old & The Opposition Of The Masses

What to talk of the non-Muslims ,even most of the Muslims will not heed this message but vehemently oppose it.The objection will be that it is a new call –a new religion,even.The problem is that tey are subordinated to tradition & have followed it blindly for so long that their thinking faculties have been paralysed.To the present-day muslim,these traditions have been passed down over the centuries, so they must be right .Any attempt to introduce a new idea or practice or system is deemed prohibited in his religion .

Every innovation is deemed an attempt to corrupt religion & & lead its followers astray thus going to hell.And yet at one time the Muslim nation was known for its innovation .It was this characteristic that made it a living nation .It was an ever-evolving society ,taking on new ideas & making changes in accordance with the exigencies of the times..Now this same Muslim nation fears new ideas in the same way that a caged bird is afraid of open spaces.However the concept of NEW versus OLD is strange in itself .Whatever is unfamiliar & not widely accepted is considered “new” but once it is widely accepted (however quickly).,it is deemed OLD.At present the Quranic system of universal sustenance seems novel & unfamiliar & hence new.But let us consider numerous Quranic concepts which at the time of its revelation were completely novel to the world ,but which are now norm to the modern world .For one ,the idea that monarchy is inhumane ,whilst accepted in today’s world ,was wholly alien at that time,And the idea that we are equal at birth & division by caste & creed in unacceptable ,when introduced by the Quran ,was totally new .The idea that there was no need for a mediator between man & God was again totally new .So was the idea that nationalist or racial division is inhumane & humanity is actually one race subject to one & the same moral law .

These new ideas have become accepted by the whole world ,one at a time ,& now they are neither new nor unfamiliar to anyone,Muslims or not.Of course there are many Quranic concepts that remain new, unfamiliar & thus impractical & unacceptable .Among these “unacceptable” concepts in the Quran is the one that denounces the private ownership as the root of the societal chaos .According to the Quran a true society makes the universal sustenance of humanity its raison d’etre .Today this idea is deemed new & impractical ,so we presently fail to accept & adopt it .But once adopted ,this idea too will become accepted as the norm.

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