Love and Heaven in the Quran

by Abdur Rab

Love occupies a pivotal place in the uplift of human beings, which is their spiritual evolution that ultimately enables them to enjoy a state of perpetual bliss or heaven.

Heaven is a state where there is peace and happiness, love, grace, and beauty (Quran, 6:127, 15:46, 56:36-37, 55:70), a state where there is no rancor or bitterness (7:43; 15:47, 19:62; 56:26), no fear, and no grief (46:13, 43:68, 35:34). This is a state earned by the righteous people (who practice taqwa) (46:13). What is most striking is that at the same time God also says that He endows the righteous people with love (19:96). This highlights the role love plays in our spiritual wellbeing.

Just imagine how beautiful and wonderful our life would be in this world, if there were love all around and no rancor. Our existential growth critically depends on how we can extinguish all hate and resentment from the earth and establish an abode of peace, love, grace, and beauty.

To be in a state of love is what makes life worth living. It is associated with purification of our soul (nafs). Our soul in turn gets inspiration to distinguish right from wrong and its purification leads to all round progress and success (91:7-9).

“It is Love that underlies all creative activity. God manifests Himself through His rule of mercy or Love throughout the universe (6:12).” Love begets love. God loves those who love Him (5:54).

“Indeed noble actions are inspired by Love rather than by any selfish motive. With such actions we can do the maximum good for all. Love prevails eventually. The path of human progress is toward Love, and those who love God will ultimately prevail over those who reject Him, i.e., over those who abandon the path of progress toward good or godliness.”

“Those who are endowed with Love, which is an embodiment of Divine Love, are very blessed indeed, for such persons are not very many on earth. They are forerunners of spiritual progress for themselves as well as for others in society. God loves them (3:31), and God and angels bless and support them (33:41-43).”

Development of love and acquisition of knowledge should go together to reap the full benefits of these nobler qualities. Excessive love not matched by commensurate knowledge may land one into trouble. Hence we should seek knowledge together with love. That seeking knowledge is very important is evident from God’s advice to our Prophet to seek to increase knowledge (20:114). Those who are endowed with knowledge are a special category of people who are blessed by God (2:267). Gaining both love and knowledge or wisdom should be a principal goal or prayer in our life. (Quoted parts are from my book “Rediscovering Genuine Islam… , pp. 53-54. Please buy the book here.

Help Dr Kassim Ahmad – Arrested on Blasphemy Charges!

Kassim Ahmad arrested

The dreaded but expected tragedy has happened – Dr Kassim Ahmad has been arrested on charges of blasphemy by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM).

Please look at this picture above. This frail-looking elderly gentleman was taken away in this heartless manner for espousing quranist views and expressing them at a conference last February.

We also ask you as fellow Quranists to please voice out your dissatisfaction with the Malaysian government for their despicable act. You may be able do so by writing to them:

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