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Major Concepts within the Quran


I got the file originally from here. If you speak Arabic, then terrific! You should read those articles! If you do not, I will try to translate as many as possible of them simply because they fascinate me.

Just finished translating a second one. To those who have read the first one (about the Quranic language), I’ve improved the writing style and made it much easier to read. It just might get posted tomorrow as well (the old version has been deleted off my blog). This one is a much shorter article, and I’m hoping to get some feedback.

The original writer (Ibrahim Bin Nabi) holds discussions on an Arabic forum called “Miraj Al-Qalam”. I took liberty to translate a few. Please download the file and read it. And please DO write back.

Download file from here (49 KB):

Major concepts within the Quran

Freewill and Fatalism

was raised again as an issue in Quranology Discussions:

Aren’t these verses proves that we have no free will to choose right or wrong path?
1) Whoever among you wills to go straight. But ye shall not will Except as Allah wills (81:28,29)
2) If it had been Allah’s Plan they would not have taken false gods. (6:107)
3) No soul can believe except by the Will of Allah (10:100)

I highly recommend this book to answer all your questions: http://tolueislam.com/Parwez/kt/KT.htm

Mohamed Malek’s A Study of the Quran

is available here: http://www.astudyofquran.org/web/index.php?contents

This is a fantastic book. In my own journey in Quranism, this book was one of the first I encountered. I hope to produce one like this myself someday.

Good Book – Modern Muslim Intellectuals and the Quran

Renae asked for a book recommendation in QRAC today. I remembered the book with the title above. It’s a compilation of essays describing approaches to the Quran. One of them is a quranist who contributed a lot to my personal approach, Dr Mohamed Shahrour.

You can have a glimpse of the book here: Modern Muslim Intellectuals and the Quran.

Defenders of Reason in Islam

is a book about the rationalist tradition in Islam, or the mu3tazilah. I mentioned the book in Quranology Discussions today. Their existence shows that what is considered ‘unthinkable’ today (that was a homage to Mohamed Arkoun) in Islam was perfectly thought of back then.

Have a look at the book at Amazon.com