More on obeying the husbands!

in QRAC. Shorouq posted: This is what the hadith says:

Nabi Kareem Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said: There are 3 persons whose salaah is not accepted nor does any good act of theirs reach the sky. Firstly, a runaway slave until he returns to his master. Secondly, a woman whose husband is displeased with her and thirdly an intoxicated person as long as he does not repent from using intoxicants. (BAIHAQI)

My comment: no stipulation is made on how the husband should be and since hadith collections are fragmentary and not textual, we must take this hadith in itself.

The ‘Rights’ of the Husband

Check out this scholarly tripe highlighted by Veronica in QRAC. I got a word for it…YUCK! These guys got nauseating imaginations.