Islam not Spread by the Sword but….

Correct observation by Renae in QRAC today but I think whats important now is to ask is Islam keeping its followers by the sword. With the apostasy laws, are we building a fake ummah?

The Quranists’ role in Combatting Islamic Fundamentalism

Some person asked on Yahoo Answers : What’s your opinion on Quranists? I said:

I am a Quranist and I believe that Quranism is the movement which will stop the advance of Islamic Fundamentalism for one very simple reason:Islamic Fundamentalism comes from hadith or hadithic interpretation of the Quran. Not all hadith promotes it of course but in general, hadith creates an artificial group which is the ‘saved sect’. This entitles them (in their estimation) to disallow any other approach to islam.

We need Quranism to overcome this menace because only Quranists have no reverence for the classical clergy.