If the Messenger were free of fault…

If the Messenger and Prophet Muhammad were free of fault, then why would Allah SWT create a “what-if” scenario in chapter 69 (al Haqqah)?

69:38 I swear by what you see
69:39 What you do not see.
69:40 This is the utterance of an honorable messenger.
69:41 It is not the utterance of a poet; rarely do you acknowledge.
69:42 Nor the utterance of a soothsayer; rarely do you take heed.
69:43 A revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
69:44 Had he attributed anything falsely to Us.
69:45 We would have seized him by the right.
69:46 Then, We would have severed his life-line.
69:47 None of you would be able to prevent it.
69:48 This is a reminder for the righteous.
69:49 We know that some of you are deniers.
69:50 That it is a distress for the ingrates.
69:51 It is the absolute truth.
69:52 Therefore, you shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.

Not to mention all the other occurrences where the Prophet was forgiven or accused of a sin.