Did you know the largest and most misunderstood minority group is the individual? You are an individual and you are unique. You are precious. Your birth was a miracle and it is another that the very same brain you were born with all those years ago has made its way here to be reading this page on the Quranists Network.  So what do you know? What do you want to know? What have you experienced? Have you been on a spiritual journey? Have you found the answers you have been looking for? Are you still looking? Do you have any advice or warnings for your brothers and sisters of mankind? What brought you here to this website?  Do you know what a Quranist is? Are you a Quranist? If so, what brought you to Quranism? How has Quranism affected you and your family? What does Quranism mean to you? Are you studying the Quran? Do you want to share study tips on Quranic Arabic grammar or lexicon? How about discussing the philosophy and concepts of the Quran?

Please feel welcome to leave comments on the blog posts / articles

If you would like to send in your own articles, essays or documents, kindly send them to asfora (at) quranists (dot) net. It is also possible to be added as a contributor if you already have a account. Please email asfora (at) quranists (dot) net to request this.

Any debates, questions,  issues, experiences, suggestions, criticism, points of views are encouraged to be discussed openly, honestly and constructively on the forum

If you notice any dead links, site errors, page load time problems, typos, spam, trolling, inappropriate conduct, missing graphics etc on this site, please email asfora (at) quranists (dot) net  preferably with your suggestion on how to fix it :)

Looking forward to your participation, and thanking you in advance for your time and effort to contribute to the Network inshaaAllah (God willing). Each precious individual’s help and support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting QuranistVoices , a collection of musings which show the diversity of Quranists.   If you would like to submit an article or blog post, or add your blog to the Blog Directory, please email asfora (at) quranists (dot) net .   You can also register for QuranistVoices if you have a WordPress account, and become a contributor.

Remember, there’s no need to write formal essays. If you feel like venting, vent. If you feel like criticising us, join and criticise. If you feel your research is bearing fruit, share. It’s about talking freely.

Salaam Aleykum, peace to all

2 Responses to Contribute

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  2. Nadia Duke says:

    Salam, I don’t really know where to direct this to but this is a blog ( on tumblr called Qur’an Study; from the time of my posting this I’d say it was started 15 minutes ago, the word just spread haha. Here is an excerpt from the wife of the wife/husband blogging duo:

    Salaams, everyone! My name is Syma and I am one of the administrators for this tumblr. I run a more personal blog on tumblr as well, which a great deal of you already likely follow. My husband and I will be managing a large portion of the technical aspects of this study, but we want people to be involved as much as possible – the first and foremost priority of this study is to reinforce the idea of plurality of interpretation as well as the value of this plurality. For this reason, all levels of involvement are encouraged, and from our very busy perspective, the more people that actively participate, the less we will have to scramble every week to provide material for people to read through and understand. With Ramadan coming up, this is perfect timing for Muslims in particular to engage and try to come to a better understanding of their imaan (faith) with a community that is diverse and possesses a multitude of opinions. With all that being said, some ground rules need to be set to ensure the success of this blog. In the next few posts, I will be covering the structure, basic expectations, and reading schedule for our study. Inshallah (God willing)this entire venture will be a learning experience for all of us, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and remember, the opportunity for a learning experience is contingent upon active participation!

    Just bringing this to your attention as it would be a great opportunity for some of your readers to be able to join tumblr if they haven’t already and join the discussion and sort of represent the Quran Aloners in the blogosphere.

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