Quranists are NOT Rashadites!

It seems, thanks to the great publicity afforded to the Rashadites/Submitters/19ers, whenever some ‘quran alone’ thing comes up, they are the first mentioned as quranists.

Such is this case with this Yahoo Answers question. Fortunately 4 Quranists (including myself as Abdalquran) spoke up 😉

A scuffle with the 19ers.

I hope I’m not construed as being biased, writing about the 19ers like this. This blog is open all forms of Quranism, 19ers included. Anyway, been having little scuffles with them all over FB. I was just testing out my ideas anyway. Here is an interesting exchange (im paraphrasing):

19er: How can the number 19 refer to the angels since the number is meant to :
a. be a fitnah for those who rejected
b. to convince to those were given the book
c. to increase the faith of those who believed
d. so those who were given the book and the believers will not doubt
e. for those who have disease in their hearts to say ‘what does God mean by this metaphor’.

Me: Good question. But lets consider this. Whatever the case is, the Quran itself never mentions any code. No code, no pattern, no multiples, nothing. All we have are the number of angels. So how can we possibly infer that it’s anything else. Furthermore, it ends by saying no one knows the soldiers of Allah (junudullah) except him. That tells us that it’s still talking about the angels/malaika. No code at all.