Quran Based Jummah Announcements

Thank you to Tatiana for this Announcement:

AsA everyone!!!! So sorry for the late notice, I got a little caught up with life… inshAllah, tomorrow we will be holding two Jummah sessions on Paltalk!!! Chatroom location is here: http://www.paltalk.com/g2/group/1421814718 The chat will be open tomorrow and while it is open you can easily find this chat room in paltalk.

First session is at ****10:30AM GMT*********

Second session is at ******20:00PM GMT****** (4PM EST)

Please join us tomorrow at either or BOTH times!!!!

*After tomorrow, we will be changing the name of the Jummah room to Quran Based Jummah, but the link will not change, it will be the same room, same link.

Salamun alaikum and good night all.

Additional from Imraan: Here is a short note that could be helpful if read before the Jummah talk on “What is Quran and how do we implement it?” on Friday.



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1. Quranology Discussions – For in-depth discussions about the Quran and its teachings. Friendly atmosphere between people interested in exchanging views. Due to the nature and purpose of this group, the methodology is already established so this is not the place to debate about the Quranology method.

2. Quranists.Net – For debates between Quranists of various approaches and also between Traditionalists and Quranists. Atmosphere is not expected to be very friendly, if at all. However, civility will be expected.

3. Quranists Reverts and Converts Support Network – For friendly conversations between people who are new to quranist ideas.

4. Quran Roots – For discussions on meanings of root words in the Quran. Very focussed and specific.