Oh dear God,
Give me patience and strength!
And the fuse of my temper,
Please increase in length!

If my thoughts are sarcastic,
Or spiteful or rude,
Please cleanse me of hatred,
And make cheerful my mood.

If I am troubled,
Or weary or blue,
Make me more thankful,
And repentant to You!

If I am angry,
Forgive me this sin.
Bestow on me blessings,
Of calm from within.

You know my struggles.
You know I am weak.
But You know my intentions,
From the oaths that I speak.

Protect me from Shaytan,
I beg this from You.
Without You I’m nothing.
I seek refuge with You.

Some Du’as from the Quran

by Asfora in QRAC today. To me, these are more like mindsets you need to adopt:

A suggestion for a Quranist’s Dua – suggestions for adding to it or other versions would be most welcome, if you like… no compulsion 🙂

Please note – the Quran refs are in brackets for reference and to aid self study but the words in this “dua” are not translations of the verses

A oodu billahi minash shaytany rajeem (I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan)
bismillah arrahmaan arraheem (In the name of God the most merciful the most gracious)

O Rabbilalameen
Please make me ever more grateful for the blessings you bestowed on me, (46:15 ) because if I were to try to count all the blessings I never could do it (14:34) (16:18).

La illaha illallah. (37:35) Please guide me on the straight path (40:38), guide me the straight way (1:6), keep me away from the fire (3:185). Please grant us good in this life and good in the next (2:201). Please have mercy on my parents for they raised me when I was young (17:24), and grant me righteousness in my offspring (46:15)

Please forgive me, forgive my sins (11:90) and help me to forgive other people (2:109) (45:14). Please forgive all the believers and grant us access into paradise. (24:62) Please increase me in knowledge (20:114) and help me to use my logic and reason (12:2). Please purify my heart (8:11) and take away the things that make me sin (7:161). Please fill my heart with love, faith (49:7) hope (26:51) charity, kindness (2:263), strength (8:2) determination (31:17) purity (56:79) and honesty (6:152).

Rabbana! You have no partners or offspring (112:3). You guide (24:46) and protect whoever you wish (10:103) to be blessed (4:69).
You are the best of all planners (8:30), the best of all judges (10:109). I have complete trust in you (3:173) and I serve you, and you alone (39:11).
I end my prayer by saying “La illaha illa huwa, alhamdulillahi rabbilalameen” (10:10)

Subject Studies by Deb E

Thank you very much to Deb for sending in this post – Asfora

– – – – – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –

“How do I pray?!” “What about dua’?!” I memorized “Sunnah” prayers in Arabic, and felt it was best because they told me they were the words of God’s final prophet but what now?! My life’s concerns and moving my home are overwhelming and I was planning to *ask* as mentioned in https://quranistvoices.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/quranists-ask-always-ask/

Then I remembered a brother’s Word doc  Dua’s from the Glorious Quran in my computer…a compilation of all addresses to the Almighty from all types of beings as recorded in the Quran.  This is where I will learn the Truth!! Alhamdulillah.

Then I see the post by Joshim https://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_179495912090888&view=permalink&id=202839216423224

about finding a compilation of “verses showing the “sunnah” of the Prophet? Meaning a purely quranic account of the way of the Prophet.” Again, this is where I will learn the Truth!!

I have not read half the Quran through even once.  I am not yet benefitted by the study of roots and grammar.  I need to begin with basic principles, accounts, narratives – like a child. And subject studies like this will be a great beginning.

By Deb E