What Is Eiman (Belief) ?

by G.A. Parwez


A person is hungry for the last three days and feels extremely weak. He goes to the house of friend who offers his a plateful of warm delicious pudding. He voraciously steps towards it. But as soon as he brings a spoonful of it to his mouth, somebody rushes towards him and tells him that by mistake arsenic has been put in the pudding instead of sugar. Do you think the hungry man shall eat the pudding? No, he shall never eat it. He shall bear the pangs of hunger but shall never put the poisonous food into his mouth. He shall rather throw away the plate. Why has he not taken this food inspite of being extremely hungry? Because he has got the firm belief that he shall die after taking it. How much one might induce him to eat, he shall never do so. A firm belief like this in the laws initiated by God is called “Eiman”. And one who holds such a belief called “Momin”. It is apparent that such a man shall always remain safe from the injurious effects which arise from disobedience of the laws of Allah. That is why a firm belief in the laws of Allah results in (امن) peace. A “Momin” not only saves himself from such injurious effects he also saves other people from it. He thus becomes an instrument of making peace in the world. As humanity remains safe and peaceful by obedience of the Divine laws, that is why one of the attributes of Allah is (المومن) (59:23), which means one who provides peace.

Major Concepts within the Quran


I got the file originally from here. If you speak Arabic, then terrific! You should read those articles! If you do not, I will try to translate as many as possible of them simply because they fascinate me.

Just finished translating a second one. To those who have read the first one (about the Quranic language), I’ve improved the writing style and made it much easier to read. It just might get posted tomorrow as well (the old version has been deleted off my blog). This one is a much shorter article, and I’m hoping to get some feedback.

The original writer (Ibrahim Bin Nabi) holds discussions on an Arabic forum called “Miraj Al-Qalam”. I took liberty to translate a few. Please download the file and read it. And please DO write back.

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Major concepts within the Quran