Coping with being called “not a proper Muslim”

There seems to be a tendency in Traditional Islam to be called “not a proper Muslim” if you disagree over any minor point of dogmatic doctrine. But to be fair, it is not really whether People think you are a true Muslim that counts. What counts is whether God judges you to be “muslim” – a characteristic that is described in the Quran. I should also say at this point that there are also people within the Quranist community (Quranist Fundamentalists) that will also hold fundamentalist views that THEY are the only true muslims and you are not (again because you don’t agree with their exact interpretation on a certain point) So whilst it is an undesirable thing that people like to do to each other and afaics not sanctioned by the Quran (see 4:94), it does happen and you really shouldn’t take it personally if that happens to you, just try to deal with it in patience and peace and overlook vain talk and ignorance ( 25:63 and 28:55) and debate in the best way (16:125) or agree to disagree in peace (42:15). It is a very common thing for Quranists to be called “not a proper muslim / kafir / munafiq / hadith rejector ” etc at some point. It is supposed to be an insult but the main thing is to have faith in Allah and let Him guide you and be in Awe of Him and not be discouraged or unsettled by the people. InshaaAllah.

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