Here are some articles from the  mypercept site, from one of our anonymous / uncredited contributors.

1st published online in 1997, revised in 2002.
Does God Exist?
(Originally written when I was 16, hence later revised. Still a very unique article.)

About 1999.
Is The Bible God’s Unadulterated Word?

About 2000.
The Intelligent Approach to Islam
(Centres around some simple observations.)

About 2000.
The Quran: clear, complete, detailed and explained?

About 2000.
The Word Hadith in The Quran

About 2002.
A summary of the book “Rethinking Tradition in Modern Islamic Thought” by Daniel Brown.
(Briefly reviews the history of hadith/sunnah within Islam. Good introduction to the topic.)

About 2004.
An understanding of salat from Al Quran
(Very simple article about a very simple idea.)

May 2005.
Disproved once and for all: salat = prayer