Subject Studies by Deb E

Thank you very much to Deb for sending in this post – Asfora

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“How do I pray?!” “What about dua’?!” I memorized “Sunnah” prayers in Arabic, and felt it was best because they told me they were the words of God’s final prophet but what now?! My life’s concerns and moving my home are overwhelming and I was planning to *ask* as mentioned in

Then I remembered a brother’s Word doc  Dua’s from the Glorious Quran in my computer…a compilation of all addresses to the Almighty from all types of beings as recorded in the Quran.  This is where I will learn the Truth!! Alhamdulillah.

Then I see the post by Joshim!/home.php?sk=group_179495912090888&view=permalink&id=202839216423224

about finding a compilation of “verses showing the “sunnah” of the Prophet? Meaning a purely quranic account of the way of the Prophet.” Again, this is where I will learn the Truth!!

I have not read half the Quran through even once.  I am not yet benefitted by the study of roots and grammar.  I need to begin with basic principles, accounts, narratives – like a child. And subject studies like this will be a great beginning.

By Deb E