“Stoning” from a Quranist’s perspective

Onto more serious matters. Stoning (Ar Rajm – RJM) has been mentioned a lot recently (in particular on this FB post in the QRAC group) and I thought it would be useful to a have a list handy of the facts about what the Quran says about it.

This is clipped from http://free-minds.org/forum/index.php?topic=11237.msg267101#msg267101 please visit for the full article, excerpt is below:

“Look in the Qur’an and read WHO is saying they will do the RJM and to whom, and why.
in 11:91 the people to whom Shuayb was sent, say it to him because they don’t want to obey the message.
in 18:20 the people in the city will want to RJM the one in the cave OR return him to THEIR religion.
in 44:20 the messenger sent to the people of the Pharoah seeks refuge in Allah in case the people of the Pharoah want to RJM him.
in 19:46 Ibrahim’s father said it to Ibrahim because he didn’t agree with Ibrahim telling him not to worship the Shaytan.
in 36:18 2 messengers, strengthened by a 3rd are sent to the companions of the city and it is the people who don’t want to obey the message who want to RJM the messengers
in 26:116 The people who Nuh was trying to warn didn’t want to obey the message so they threatened to RJM him.”

And here is another link:

And another which talks about “The Goat that eats up the Quranic Verse” and the “Stoning of adulterous monkeys”: http://www.quranic.org/quran_article/26/rajm_stoning_to_death.htm#205

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