Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 29: 27th July – Ch 112

This chapter should be numbered as the 111th chapter (since chapters 8 and 9 are one). This number has a special subjective significance to me as it shows a triple positivity. This is also the chapter of unity. Here, we are to adopt the philosophy of unity. Allah is one. Oneness of existence as pointed out by verse two , His absolute status. He is not relative to anything. He does not adopt favourites and doesn’t need to be anyone’s favourite. The last verse shows his oneness in the sense of Being. There is no being who existence reaches his. He is one in that sense. In understand this, we will truly understand the concept of unity.

Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 28: 26th July – Ch 110&111

Ch 110 shows the victory which is achieved by following God’s programme. This programme is establishing social justice and peace. When one embarks on this programme, the help of Allah comes and the opening of his doors of mercy. We will then see people entering the programme in droves. In order to achieve this, we must engage in tasbeeh (see the tasbeeh block) with praise and seek divine protection. Allah’s essence is to facilitate this.

Ch 111 shows the fall after the victory. This fall comes with the personality of abu lahab, symbolising our constant harnessing of the flame of lust. His wealth is not avail him, rather he will be burned by his lust. His ‘wife’ (symbolising the rest of his being) carries the firewood to stoke this flame which shows our bodies feeding this lust. Around ‘her’ neck is a rope showing that she is slave to these habits of lust feeding.

Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 27: 25th July – Ch 108&109

Ch 108 is the last chapter to deal with our economic welfare. It also one of the two shortest chapters in Quran. It starts with Allah bestowing upon the Reader the fount of plenty. However, he needs to focus on His Lord and sacrifice. He need not worry about those who oppose him since they will be cut off.

Ch 109 is a chapter of disavowal. It deal with those who reject the basmalah system. These people have a complete separation of worship from those who do accept this system. This is the only point where there is no intersection where we have two extreme ends. It is important to note that this is not a religious separation but rather an existential one.

Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 26: 24th July – Ch 106&107

Ch 106 speaks of the unity of those who are acquiring gains (in an economic sense). Their unity depends on movement (rihlah – literally caravations) which must carry on in extreme seasons. By working towards this unity, these are thus serving the lord of this house (referring to the whole earth). Also in doing this, he will nourish them from hunger and secure them from fear. This chapter is again framing the economic strategy of human beings.

Ch 107 speaks of those who deconfirm with respect to the deen which will bring about Allah’s system of sustenance. They are those repulse the solitary and refuse to feed the poor. So woe to those with connections! Their connections totally miss the mark and are to be seen. In other words, they prevent the means necessary to sustain society.

Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 25: 23th July – Ch 103&104&105

Ch 103 is the last occurrence of the word ‘amanoo’ (he believed). It could be seen as the formulation of the whole system of belief in Quran. This is also the last occurrence of the word ‘insaan’ (weaker aspects of man). This word occurred a lot in the 3-level summaries. This chapter brings together insaan and imaan by telling insaan that he is constantly at a loss by the squeezing of man. This loss is expedited by believing in this fact and acting to make right the situation. He is to also exhort each other with truth and with endurance.

Ch 104 starts off with woe-ing to every scorners and mockers. Those people pile up wealth and prepare it (for more wealth). They feel as if they would last forever. Rather, he will be thrown into the fire of Allah which is fuelled. This fire rises up and takes over the mind. It will close up upon them in columns. This probably refers to the state of mind the lovers of wealth experience.

Ch 105 speaks uniquely mentions the companions of the elephant. This symbolically refer to unstoppable forces which crush those under them. Allah will place their plans astray. He will send upon him skilful people who are in charge of their destinies. These will throw upon them stones and they will be consumed. This is the formula for implementing justice for humanity.

Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 24: 22th July – Ch 100&101&102

Ch 100 describes the ideal condition of the jinn, the highly potent folks. These folks are in a mode of high energy such as when they run, they create sparks. They then introduce changes penetrating right in the middle. However, the insaan, due to their weakness for wealth, fail to reach this high level of energy. He fails to realise that his end is death so his wealth will not benefit him. However, his projection would then show his propensity.

Ch 101 engages with our sense of integrity. It focuses on disintegration in which eve mountains will be like carded wool. However, those whose weights are heavy will be pleased. For those whose weighs are light will have a terrible refuge, a lustful fire.

Ch 102 is about the diversion of stockpiling of wealth. However, to overcome this, we should visit the graves. That will give us the knowledge of certainty. These come in many levels. We will eventually understand hellfire and the fountain of certainty. Then comes judgement day where we will be questioned for the bounties we enjoyed.

Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 23: 21th July – Ch 98&99

After the descent of salaam or peace in Ch 97, Ch 98 picks up on that process by speaking about its catalyst in bringing that state by the bringing of the clarification towards the state of Rahmaan and Raheem (al-bayyinah). This comes in the form of the messenger from Allah (not messenger of Allah) who practices from the purified pages constaining establishing messages.

The basic philosophy of these messages is to serve Allah with a view to purifying one’s relationship to be solely for Him. To establish connections and to bring about growth to this effect. That is what will bring about a state of establishment.

Those who have believed in this principle and acted to fertilise their reality for it are the best of creatures and their reward from their Lord is the ideal gardens. This is for those who have focussed on their Lord.

Ch 99 could be either about judgement day or about a revolutionary period in this life. It is a time when the earth (representing our social reality) is shaking and will realise its news (meaning its public opinion will manifest). The people will be trooped out to see their deeds.