What Would Allah Send Us A Book If….

by Rebecca Marlene Sebastian

Why would the Creator send us a book, call it clear, fully detailed, explanation of all things, the guide for those who believe, the criterion to judge with, and the warning that Rasulullah Muhammad warned by, yet actually the Creator does not want us to study this on our own, nor can we understand it without books of stories that people narrated after the prophets death.

And the Creator did not tell the people to write down Muhammad’s personal doings including toilet habits, sexual escapades and desires, how he ate and put on his shoes etc.. but they just knew it was the right thing to do even though Allah did not command them to and they knew those things were necessary for guidance and so they decided to write them down and include them in their lawmaking process in the name of Deen al Islami, therefore not taking only the laws of the Quran for sharia, but also the rulings of ahadith (some which even ABROGATE Qur’anic ayati)

Why, why, why would the Creator cause so much confusion by telling us that the book is clear and easy to understand (for believers, unbelievers have a hijab over their heart and can not understand it) and telling us that we should not take any other Hakkam (judge/lawmaker) beside Him and it is He who sent down unto us ALL the book FUSALIT (well-expounded, fully detailed, made plain) in suratul An’aam ayat #114 , and yet what this all actually means is that He wants us to just recite it, then go to ahadith and tafsir written by scholars of the past for the guidance?…

Why would my Creator, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate One who assists me when none else can or will, why would my Amazing, Almighty Nourisher trick me?

Wallahi my ilah is so much greater and high above such nonsense, alhamduli llah He did not trick me, or you.. only the shayateen can trick one into believing the Quran is not for mankind as a sufficient guide, but it is for a select few who then get to dictate THEIR PERSONAL ta’weel (interpretation) and we are all supposed to submit to them bcz they are chosen and we are blind, helpless ppl whom Allah does not want to use our aql (reasoning) to read His dhikr (reminder).

Only the shayateen can trick one into thinking the Quran would be insufficient without Bukhari and co. It is the shayateen of jin and ins who invent falsehood and make themselves enemies of the prophets, by leading other away from the path of Allah and holding up the path as a ridiculous thing. (See Quran 6:112)

Ya Allah my Kind Compassionate Rabb, for all those who have submitted to you, and have believed in your revelations and your angels and messengers and those who do truly fear And remember the last day and the reckoning, plz guide us nearer to the truth and do not let our feet slip after having been guided. Whosoever You guide, none can lead astray, and for the one You withhold guidance, indeed, he shall find no helper beside you. You alone we serve, and You alone we turn to for aid.

Salamun alaikm ya muslimeen